Apr 27, 2014


I've been in this blog for a long,long time. 2009, i guess?And now 5 years has passed, i hardly touch it for a year. When i read this blog all over again, i smiled. This blog represent me so much,but now that awkward hyper fangirl pre-teen is gone. I'm now applying to college, waiting for my UN result. You can say i've grown up. I no longer take any interest to what i used to be crazy about. I'm becoming more mature, and maybe wiser? Let's say that the old me is still visible enough hahah so probably no for the last one. Anywaay as i read the circa high-school posts i thought whoa am i really this emo? In real life it's a big no. This blog is my cure for sadness, i rant about basically everything here lulz so whoever know me irl will likely to say 'what kind of bull are you writing about?' cause i'm actually much cheerful of a person than the one here. Well i think i had enough writing for this blog, i don't really need it anymore, so i'm going to drafting almost all of my entries bcs i think it's really personal for me . Adios, bloggie!