Oct 11, 2014

Dear A

There are so much to say but there are no words that can tell you how much i am thankful for your presence.
If i have to pick one person outside my family that never ever betray me,my answer will be you. That's just how much i trust you.
Three years i have been your friend, three years where we were inseparable. I am not lying when i say we've been through thick and thin. You are the only person        outside my family who know me well enough to just understand my flaws and my daily stupidity. The only person who can read me like a book and knowing what will i say  Even when i havent say it out loud. The only person i can call anytime and randomly. The only person who can make me cry by the thoughts of being away from you. The person who i can confide any information because i know you will keep it to your grave. The person who i consider an unbiological sister. Never have i found a person who in some ways are very alike and eventhough in other ways we are that different, we complete each other. We are one dynamic duo. And i know you too have no doubt on that.
I'm sorry that this is such a short post to describe just how much i Miss our stupid friendship, not long enough to describe every dimwitted moment we have together. And incase you are wondering, yes i cry writing this, and no, please do not cry too(i know you will probably cry anyway and say that i 'super ngeselin' 'jahat bikin nangis pagi pagi' and other stuff). And incase you are wondering too, i do mean every single word i say here(i know you already know)
Thank you for dealing with me these past three years and hopefully until we become kickass grandmas whose grandkids are best of friend too. See you when i see you and please think of the cheapest provider so i can call you without being broke. Dont forget to eat (look how skinny you are now), drink lots of water, jangan lupa solat! Ciao Abel!