Jul 18, 2012

mid year

It's a little late, perhaps, but it's still July so I thought there's nothing wrong with it, me writing this post. Better gonna get starting soon....
So where do i have to start? I think the picture explain all. It was rather ominous and dreadful at some points, stressful too,2012. At a moment I just wanted to end all of this panic my head starts to make, however, i’ve learned this year you just got to see the lights even in the darkest tunnel. You have to stay positive, and more importantly, stay sane. It’s awfully important. Anyway, the thing is every bad things must go to an end. If things don’t get better, it’s not the end J I read it somewhere years ago but i just realized the meaning now after few years hehehe.
But not all of the early 2012 is a bad thing though. I’ve become the commitee of several occasions, like dedicart, antigone, and psikopad!. They were really good moments i’ll never forget. Also when i joined dbl dance competition and we made it to the top five. It was huge. And the last one was PTTA.  I was thriumphant, and i was so proud of all of them. And i’ve found a family, another family outside my real family. It may sounds cheesy, but i feels like they are my second home. Padmanaba 69 . why i feels like home when they’re with them? It’s pretty simple. A home is where the heart is J
Like the picture said, things we unlikely want to happen happens anyway. Problems come and go. That’s life. Sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s better and most of the time it was purely okay.  Me, as a teenager in her adolescent, now and then still trying to put her best and make this goldly time as memorable as it should be.  I’m still dealing hardly with people that comes by and leave through my life. I hate goodbyes, i assure you that’s the last thing i’ve ever wanted from people. We met for a reason, get close for a reason and now they’re just going to walk away? That’s just  plainly unfair. Once you know someone, you cant really never let go of them.  My own selfish ego just want them forever, gripping their hands tight so they won’t let go. But then again everyone have the right to come so they have their rights to go too, no matter how hard it is, no matter how unclear their reasons are. I just have to bid them good bye. At least they were brave enough to face it and said goodbye.  Because there were some people in my life that always come and go, come and go, and repeating it until i’m sick. It’s either be with me or leave me, not to leave me hanging. Better  to let go.
I just got to say this, after all, first mid year of 2012 turned out not to be  6 months of new experiences and amounts of priceless moments. It was clearly not all beautiful, but it was totally wondrous. Cant wait for other 6 months to go!