Jun 9, 2011


saya sudah tau hasilnya. and i was like, ok, it's pretty fine but it's only like that?
i was hoping for something more. call me ungrateful as much as you want but i don't care.
long story short, i was disappointed about my result, but who am i to change the reality anyway? my dad said that i just have to take the fact and face the truth, believing in slightest chance possible.
so that's what i do now.

s.b just want to tell you. i think i'll leave the fandom. yes i still like them and their song but i don't really get the hype anymore. shinee world is amazing,really, but sometimes the people is just so frustrated and whiny over them i can't stand it. i've been a shawol for a year and months, and i'm still wondering why i'm not bored at them since i'm usually the type of person who get bored easily. and oh, i think i'm kind of liking their hoobaes, f(x), but not that much.