Dec 19, 2011

crows zero

yep i know i'm a bit too late to watch this movie just today, but i have no regret. Oh, maybe one, because it would've been amazing if i watched this earlier.

this is genji takiya, the main character of this movie.

So Genji is a son of a yakuza boss,and he transferred as a senior to suzuran all-boy high school with a goal to conquer the school and become the leader. Note that suzuran is a weird school, they have no lessons and is filled with soon-to-be yakuza. Each class has their leader which is the strongest in the class, but there is no conqueror  in the school. There is one person who is close to be the conqueror, named Serizawa Tamao, a third-year student.
So basically the story is about Genji who fights to be the conqueror of the school with helps from the others and some obstacles on his way. But i could promise you it's better than what you're imagining right now. It's fun to watch it especially if you like action comedy (the hard way, though) If you hate blood please just keep away from this movie. It contains a lot.
My favorite scene is when they dueled, Genji and Serizawa. It's insanely cool, and they're both equal so it's hard to pick which one you want to win. Anyway i like this scene because it seems real, not like some western movies where they fight but there are no blood or scars. NO fun at all.
Anyway i'm soooo gonna watch crows zero 2 and i will be waiting for crows zero 3!

Jul 26, 2011

live it up!

so i got accepted in sma 3 yogyakarta, and i was (and still am) ridiculously happy because of that. mop-pplb lasted for two weeks; i am sure that it was the busiest days in my life. i said that i'd rather do uan for hundred times, but now i don't think i really mean it. i mean yea sure it was tiring, so,so tiring, and i was sleepless those nights, but it was fun. it was memorable. especially 23-24 of july, i swear that was two unforgettable days. i met lot of people (a nice ones!) and get to know them easily. i hope we all can get along :-D

Jun 9, 2011


saya sudah tau hasilnya. and i was like, ok, it's pretty fine but it's only like that?
i was hoping for something more. call me ungrateful as much as you want but i don't care.
long story short, i was disappointed about my result, but who am i to change the reality anyway? my dad said that i just have to take the fact and face the truth, believing in slightest chance possible.
so that's what i do now.

s.b just want to tell you. i think i'll leave the fandom. yes i still like them and their song but i don't really get the hype anymore. shinee world is amazing,really, but sometimes the people is just so frustrated and whiny over them i can't stand it. i've been a shawol for a year and months, and i'm still wondering why i'm not bored at them since i'm usually the type of person who get bored easily. and oh, i think i'm kind of liking their hoobaes, f(x), but not that much.

May 12, 2011


Every day i would wake up and do the same thing i did the day before. At night i'll tell my self that i'm going to change and try to do new things but nothing ever changes. I'd like to do so many things, yet i never even try to do it once.
Maybe i'm too scared.. too scared of failure, and changing.