Jul 27, 2009

lama tidak menulis

where have you been,my blog? kayaknya ngilang ditelan bumi.

i miss blogging.

so,i'll blogging again,as you see. well,not as intensive as usual but i'll keep update with y'all,bloggie!

Jul 6, 2009

Tweets&8th grader

My tweets username is: dell_a  Follow me yaaaaa,hehe.

Haha i dont know why i join twitter. I think twitter just wasting our times, rite? or maybe not. And nobody in my class(ex-class,actually) have twitter. In fact, they don't know what is twitter. yeah, they really really don't know.whatever,i still gonna tweet-ing

I've got a new gogirl yesterday.I love gogirl so much, hehe. It always have a lot thing that interesting for me. But when i opened page rated:stylish, i surprised. That girl is 13! yeah, that's mean she just one year older than me. Wow.


Now i'm an eight grader! haha i seems very very startled. And yeah, i am. Well, do i ever tell you i finished my elementary school in five years? Idk. And thats why some 6th grader (now they're 7th) or even 5th grader (6th now) kids in sapen (my es) just call me 'della'. hehe it's okay but sometimes they say:
'eh kok kamu ga manggil aku mbak sih?'
'ga sopan deh, aku tuh lebih tua dari kamu tau.'

yeah right.

I've meet a lot kids do that to me and i think thats really really funny. What that for? i mean, if i call 7th grader with 'mbak', other 7th grader will really adore her/him? no, right? it just wasting my&their time. i think.