Jan 29, 2017

A new year

It is fascinating how much energy I spent in January. I am drowning in my own pool of exhaustion; wondering if I had done this month differently, would I survive better? 
The answer; varies from time to time.

I just wish I could fast forward January, and February too, and on March I can finally breathe.

Dec 7, 2016

good bye

Weeks and weeks and weeks
Pretty long time if you ask me
To occupy my mind quite often and repeatedly
Here is a thing or two, though,
Please please just whisk away
To somewhere I wouldn't care to know
Here I want to know
And I am torn in two
For I never care until I do now
Shall I say goodbye for now?
My mind is already occupied as it is
I don't need another to fill
Mine is already overflowing

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